How To Buy An AD UNIT Car

How To Save Thousands Of Dollars When You Buy An Ad Unit Vehicle!

Here is how you can buy an Ad Unit Car and save thousands of dollars like I did. This technique really works but few are aware of how deep your savings for this method of buying a new car.

What is an AD UNIT car?

When you're ready to buy a new car, all you have to do is get out the classifieds from your local newspaper. Go to the section that has new cars for sale. You might also check the sports section.

You will usually see these type of ads later in the week starting on Thursday and definitely on the weekends.

Alright, now look for the display ads from local new car dealers that show a photo of a new car or truck.

You want to be looking for the ads that show a really low out the door sticker price.

A typical ad for an Ad Unit car will say something like this...

 "Regular selling price: $24, only $19,999" or something similar. Then at the bottom of the ad it will say in small print: "1 available" or sometimes it might say "2 available" or even "3 available at this price."

The point is that these ads are there to sell an ad unit car, but they are loss leaders for the car dealers. A loss leader is something that is advertised at a really low price just to get you into the door so you will hopefully buy something else. Thats right! They are hoping you won't like the ad unit car and they will be able to upgrade you to a much more expensive car, but you don't have too.

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You've seen these ads and maybe thought an ad unit car wasn't for real. They are for real and if they say "Only two available at this price", then that is the truth.

In the old days, car dealers would advertise these things but wouldn't really have any available when you got there. It was known as "bait and switch" and is now totally illegal.

The dealers are hoping you'll look at that ad unit car and decide that you don't like the color, or the seats, or the engine, or any number of things.

Then if you don't want the ad unit car shown, they will immediately direct you to some other vehicle with all the things you do want that will be selling for a "normal" retail price.

For comparisons sake, get FREE new car price quotes from both of these sources: Edmunds and CarsDirect.

I was talking to someone recently who bought an ad unit car for his son that was going to college.

This ad unit car was for a really basic Nissan Sentra and the sales person kept trying to sell him something else with all the bells and whistles that he didn't want.

He told me that the sales person kept asking things like: "Are you sure you don't want one with air conditioning?" He said: "No thanks". "Well then how about a nice stereo or the performance package?" And on it went.

Anyway, because he saw the ad unit car advertised in the newspaper, he knew exactly what he wanted. I'm saying that meaning that he came in being aware of this particular ad unit car, as opposed to someone who just walked in off the street and knew nothing about these type of deals. He also saved tons of money over other identical cars on the lot.

The point is that when you go in to buy a new car, the sales people will NOT try to sell you one of these unless you came in specifically looking for one because you saw the ad unit car advertised in the newspaper.

In my case, my new truck came without all the frills and this is exactly what I wanted because all those "frills" are where the car dealers make some of their highest profits from.

I saved about $2000 (!) when I bought my truck accessorys from aftermarket sources instead of having them supplied by the car dealer.

When I bought my new truck late last year I bought it as an ad unit car. The ad said "2 available at this price" and mine was the last one available when I got there.

If I had just walked off the street without knowing about the ad unit car shown in the newspaper and told them what I wanted then I would have been directed to other identical Ford F-150 trucks that would have cost me about $5000.00 more.

I knew what I wanted because I looked at all the ads in the paper that morning and called all the car dealers that were selling ad units cars.

As far as how to buy new cars like an expert, I already did my homework as shown in the how to buy new cars section of this website.

Because of my research, I arrived at the dealer well prepared to buy an ad unit car and save lots of money and not allow myself to be intimidated by a sales person...and it was actually an enjoyable experience for me!

Another way to prepare yourself to buy a new ad unit car is to get pre-approved for your car loan. You can get your car loan through the dealership but then you will be faced with some schmuck in the finance department that will try and torture you into getting a car loan through them.

I'm not exaggerating when I say the pressure in the finance department can be EXTREMELY INTENSE!

Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit, you can avoid this hassle and intense pressure when you buy an ad unit car by applying for a fast no obligation car loan...and you should find out if you're approved the same day.

I lucked out when the dealer had an ad unit car that was exactly what I wanted, actually it was a truck. It was a Ford F150 with the extra cab, short bed, vinyl seats, AC, automatic transmission, front bench seat and no carpet.

This was exactly the truck I wanted! See, in my case, I have kids and I didn't want cloth seats and carpet. That way, if something gets spilled, then its no big deal and I'm not always having to be the "neat police" and stressing out over my truck getting thrashed.

I didn't want their so called "high end stereo" either. I knew the factory stereo's, even the "premium" ones, sound funky and I already had plans for putting a high end sound system in my new truck after I bought it.

Whats the down side to this? The downside to buying an ad unit car or truck is that if its a super high demand vehicle or a high end model then you probably won't ever see it advertised as an ad unit car.

Ford F-150's are supposedly the biggest selling full sized truck in the world, so they were very much in-demand at the time. The reason you can see them advertised as ad units is because Ford makes enough to keep up with the demand.

As I said before, its a way to draw people into the car dealership and to get them to hopefully buy a more expensive car rather than an ad unit car.

Typically an ad unit car doesn't come from the factory with all the bells and whistles that most cars do, but to me thats a good thing because that means I'm not paying the huge mark-up on all that stuff. Instead just buy your accessories on an aftermarket basis from an online car accessory source.

Once again, make no mistake, this isn't some public service that new car dealers are offering. They are in business to make a profit and are hoping they can get you to buy a more expensive vehicle, which means greater profits for them.

I'm told that the sales people only make about $100.00 commission on the sale of an ad unit car. I don't know if thats true though.

You're going to be dealing with some high pressure sales people at your new car dealer, so once again, before you buy an ad unit car, get FREE no obligation car price quotes from online sources.

You can read more information on how to handle the car sales people on my pages what you MUST DO when buying a new car and what NOT to do when buying a new car.


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