I Bought a Used Car Without Inspecting It First!

Car Dealer Horror Story by Joseph from New York who made the mistake of not inspecting a used car before he bought it...

"I bought a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE with 47,000 miles on it with an extended warranty. Four months later the engine light came on and the dealer fixed it and said he put in a brand new catalytic converter. Five months passed and the same engine light came on, but now the car was undrivable. The mechanic said it was the #2 and #4 fuel injectors and distributor coil. He told me he replaced all those parts. Another five months went by and now the extended warranty has expired. My mechanic looked at it and said they never put in a new catalytic convertor and whoever fixed the fuel injectors did such a bad job that gas was going into all the wrong places in the engine so it totaled the engine! It was going to cost me four thousand dollars to fix it! So now I'm left with no car and two more years to pay on the loan and I'm left to buy a junk car for five hundred dollars that could be another nightmare!"

My response...
Sorry buddy. That is a very sad story. To everyone reading this: Unless you really know your way around cars - always get a used car inspected!

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