My Trucks Transmission Broke After Warranty Ended!

Here is a Car Dealer Horror Story by Greg from Michigan about how he bought a Ford truck that started having transmission problems right after the warranty ran out...

"I bought a 2000 ford ranger from what I thought was a good reputable car dealership. I picked the truck up from the dealership with a 100 day warrenty. The truck had 36,000 miles on it when I bought it and I was told it was a pre-owned certified vehicle but 120 so days after I bought the truck the transmission staring slipping then during the same week when ever I drove in heavy rain the truck would stall at whatever speed I was going. Two weeks later the speedometer cable broke so I couldn't see how fast I was going. Personally I will never buy a Ford aka (fixed or repaired daily) ever again. The truck is junk the dealership won't do anything for me and now I'm left with a piece of shi- from now on I pretty sure I will buy a GM product."

My response...
I think Fords are as good as any other American car but the your story is a really good reason to buy a used car extended car warranty if possible.

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