Car Accessorys, Suv Accessorys and Truck Accessorys RIP OFF!

Avoid the car accessorys, suv accessorys and truck accessorys rip off! This is what car dealers make some of their highest profits from. Here is the alternative...

When I speak of "car accessorys,"  I'm talking about options like custom wheels, special tires, high end car stereos, car dvd players and monitors, truck shells, custom seats, spoilers, fender flares & wings, special floor mats, pin stripes, alarm systems, etc.

If you're going to buy a new car, truck or suv, then you need to know that car dealers make a higher profit off of auto accessorys (i.e. options) than most anything else they sell. Thats why they often push them so hard.

The key to saving lots of money, is to shop for your auto accessorys BEFORE you buy your new car and buy them on an aftermarket basis instead of through the new car dealer.

I bought a shell, bed liner, heavy duty floor mats, opening rear window and a high end car stereo for my new truck and saved about $2000 over what the dealer would have charged me.

I saved $2000 because I chose to buy all my truck accessorys on an aftermarket basis - instead of from the car dealership - and so should you!

If you pre-shop your car accessorys and your car loan then you can by-pass the dealer or even put them on a low interest credit card with the intention of paying it off quickly.

Either way you can realize saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your car accessorys.


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