How To Buy A Used Car With a Ridiculous Low Ball Offer!

Buy a used car for hundreds of dollars less than the asking price by learning how to make a ridiculously low offer!

Once again, here is a hypothetical but realistic ad of the car we were looking at on a previous page...


'85 Toyota Tercel 4 dr, automatic, runs great!
Many  new  parts.  $850.00  obo  867-5309

Let say that the only extra money you'll have to put into this car is about $80 and through your research, you determined that this car could easily sell for about $1100.

This scenario is typical, but the price is hypothetical...

Later you'll probably discover something else that needs replacing so ask them if they will take $550 cash for it right now.

As you are making that offer, its important that you literally pull the $550 cash out of your pocket right in front of their face. Flashing the cash is a huge motivating factor to the seller because they'll know you're totally serious about buying their car and they won't need to waste anymore time dealing with others.

Its much easier to negotiate with them incrementally. This car started out at $850. You got them to accept $750 over the phone. So maybe you can get the car for $300 less than what they were asking.

Before you buy a used car - you should get a vehicle history report. This could reveal some details about this car, like:

    :: Odometer tampering.
    :: Was the car in a flood?
    :: Is it a "salvage" vehicle with a salvage title?
    :: Was it ever a fleet vehicle?
    :: Is it a California gross polluter?

Only a vehicle history report would reveal these potentially expensive details.

Alright, when you buy a used car, you need to wrap up this deal before some other schmuck comes along and swoops in on YOUR deal.

Its important to get the cash in the sellers hands right away.
This is a really disconcerting thing to experience because you called and questioned the seller.

You've driven all the way over to the sellers house and taken a test drive.

You've come all this way and want to wrap this deal up NOW but their phone keeps ringing with people calling about the same car! What the heck should you do to keep from losing out on this great deal?


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