How To Identify Fake Car Buyers From Real Car Buyers

When you sell a car you need to identify the fake car buyers from the real car buyers.

So you aren't wasting your precious time, you need to know if the buyer will really show up to see your car, or are they Looky Lou time wasters. 

I'm going to reveal a few simple questions to ask them over the phone so you will know if they are real potential buyers or fakes.

So why do I bother to ask the potential buyers of my car certain questions? Because knowing how to do this can make the difference between selling a car fast and going on with your life, or blowing your weekend waiting around for flakes that will never show up.

When potential buyers call about your ad, you really need to accentuate the positive and de-emphasize the negative.

I'm not saying that you lie and deceive your callers so that they show up expecting to see this "great car" that you so glowingly described over the phone only to find that its a total piece of garbage. That only makes people angry and its bad karma. So don't do that because its really annoying and uncool.

The way to weed out the flakes when they ask for your address so you're not waiting around for them is to ask them: "Why don't you just think about it and call me back when you decide you want to see my car?"

If they speak up immediately and say they want to see your car then odds are that they are seriously interested and will show up when they say they will.

The next thing to do is to give them detailed directions to your house. When you're done you need to ask them to repeat back the directions you just gave them...."just to make sure you've got it right." This is key! If they can repeat back the directions, then that also means they are probably serious about showing up.

Remind your used car buyer that if something comes up to please call you so you're not waiting around for them.

I realize this seems like an incredibly simple thing, and it is, but if you ask those questions when you sell a car you will eliminate so many hassles waiting around waiting for flakes.

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