Avoid The BUMP and GRIND Car Dealer Scam

Here is what the BUMP AND GRIND car dealer scam is and how you can avoid it. This car dealer scam happens during the negotiation process of buying a car off a car lot.

Its a common sales technique used to wear you down and incrementally raise the price of the vehicle.

If the salesperson tried to raise the price by $2000.00 right off the bat then you would freak and run out the door.

So the technique of incrementally raising the price by just a little here and a little there is much more subtle and quite effective.

When you make an offer on a car, the sales person will inevitably tell you some bogus line like: “Gee, I know my boss will kick me out of his office if I take this offer to him, so how about if we raise it (bump it) by $150.00 (or whatever) and then he will at least listen to me?”

So that’s the first “bump” and on it will go. The sooner you succumb to the “Bump” the more bumps in the price you can expect.

Then he or she will go off to supposedly present your offer to the sales manager and supposedly argue on your behalf.

Just know that there isn't any big presentation of your offer going on. Instead they are probably sitting on the john reading the sports page!

Finally after about fifteen minutes the salesperson will come back and say something lame like: "Gee, that sales manager is such a hard head! If you could just agree to add another $200.00 (or whatever) to your offer then I'm almost positive he will agree to your price".

This series of bumps in the price and then grinding you to cough up more money is known as the Bump and Grind car dealer scam. Get it?

You can avoid the bump and grind car dealer scam by telling the salesperson that you're aware of and not amused by their games and that they are just wasting their time and yours and if they continue with the bump and grind car dealer scam that you will just leave.

Another thing is to get free no-obligation new car prices online (and print them out) BEFORE you go to a car dealer.

You can use these new car prices as a reference for negotiation, so make sure you print them out and take them with you...or just buy your new car online instead.


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