Used Car Inspection Reveals Car Needs $4000 In Repairs!

Here is a Car Dealer Horror Story by Steve from Virginia who highly recommends you spend a few bucks to get a used car inspection by a third party...

"My car dealer horror story pales in comparison to the ones I've read on this site, but here it is...I found a nice older vehicle at a 'reputable' dealer here in town. It looked good and rode well. While negotiating the price, I asked the salesman if I could take it to my mechanic for a thorough evaluation. He offered to have THEIR shop look at it but finally agreed to let me take it where I wanted for a 3rd party evaluation. Finding an authorized dealer for that make, I took the vehicle in. For $95 they would go over it from bumper-to-bumper. 4 hours later I get a phone call from the service department. The list of problems filled two pages! To get things fixed would have cost me $3900.00....a little less than half the asking price for the whole vehicle! I took the vehicle back to the salesman and told him about all the problems. To his credit he didn't try to minimize the severity of the situation, but merely said they would sell it at auction. I drove by that dealership a few days later and the car was out there... waiting for another sucker! Word to the wise: Pay to have someone OTHER than the selling dealer evaluate any prospective purchase. It is money well spent!"

My Response...
Like you said Steve, your car dealer horror story might not be as bad as others, but had you not done your due diligence then it would have been one of the worst! Yes absolutely, if you aren't going to inspect the car yourself (see my section on how to buy a used car) then ALWAYS use a third party to inspect the car! And how about that place just putting the car back out on the lot?! Typical! Yeah, that is one car dealer horror story!

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