Car Salemen Are Not Scum Of The Earth Says This Car Salesman!

Charles Peterson from Arizona wrote with a pretty interesting perspective about his fellow car sales people...

"I am not stranger to the pain of dealing with some dealers, however, some have equated car salesman as scum of the earth! I believe that is only true individually and not collectively! It is possible to be a Car Sales Consultant, and have integrity and character! I believe it to be an injustice to lump all salesman into the same category! The way to win the buying process is to be informed before you step on the lot! Know what vehicle you want, what the average price it is selling for in your area (find this at and don't expect to pay such a low price that you actually steal it from the dealer! That is also unscrupulous and puts you in the same lump as the Sleezy Car Salesman. Pay a fair price and be informed and handle each sales person as you find them to be! If you are informed well, you will be able to spot the scammers and stop them dead in their tracks!"

My response...
I couldn't agree more Charles! I have NEVER said ALL car salespeople are liars and cheats. Unfortuneately the good honest ones are often over-shadowed by the sleaze bags. But once again, someone here has pointed out the importance (again) of doing your research BEFORE going to the car dealer.

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