Car Buyer Runs Away From Car Lot!

Lopaka from Hawaii had it with being jerked around by the car dealership so they bailed out and bought their car from the dealership next door...

"Well, we just can't believe our so-called no haggle Honolulu car dealership. Went down and picked the exact vehicle I wanted to purchase. Typical dealer scams like making you wait forever, saying that the car I wanted was sold and that I needed to pick another one, "good cop/bad cop" set-up, etc. The straw that broke the camel's back was when the salesman called to say we needed to come down right away and BEG his sales manager to let us buy the car. Excuse me? I'm paying you $$$$$ and you want me to beg? Don't think so! Anyway, we called the deal off and went right next door to a different car dealership and got a better vehicle."

My response...
Good for you that you  bailed out and went somewhere else to buy a car. I just hope you told the car sales people what you were doing and why. The amazing thing is that this car dealer horror story happened at one of those high profile "no haggle/no hassle" dealerships that isn't supposed to be doing that stuff. The best way to avoid all this stuff is to just buy your car online.

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