How To Trade In Cars and Get The Most Cash Possible

Don't trade in cars, but IF you insist on trading in your car then you need to know the scams the car dealers try to pull on you when you trade in your car.

I understand if you don't want to hassle selling your old car yourself, but if you're uneducated about what WILL happen when you do trade in your car, then you should at least know the following...


:: Car dealers make 2 to 3 times more in profit from the sale of used car trade-ins than they do from selling new cars.

:: The dealer will give you much less than what your old car is worth because most people are ignorant of its value.

:: IF they do give you what your used car is worth, then they will raise the selling price of your new car to make up for what they "lost" when you trade in cars...or...

:: They will slap tons of bogus fee's on to the price of the car you're buying...or...

:: They will jack up the cost of your car loan by raising the interest rate or adding points on to the front.

The truth is that when you trade in might as well walk in backwards, pants down and bent over! Sorry to sound so harsh but whatever you can do to avoid the finance department at a car dealership should be your Goal Number One because that is where the shell games begin.

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Do you know what a "shell game" is?

A shell game is where a little pea is put under a half of a walnut shell, amongst many half walnut shells and then all the half walnut shells are slid and shuffled around on the table top and its up to you to guess which one of the walnut shells has the little pea under it.

The same shell game takes place at a car dealership where their entire goal from start to finish is to take as much money from you in a way where you don't know whats up or down...and you're just happy to sign anywhere on the dotted line so you can get the hell out of there!

Oh sure, I realize they will make it appear that YOU are getting the Killer Deal Of The Universe but car deals are really complicated beasts - especially when used car trade-ins and financing are involved. If you don't believe me then just take a peek at our Car Dealer Horror Stories.

Yes, you will save some time when you trade in your car, but not that much, because if you expect to get anything close to what your old car is worth, then you still need to thoroughly clean it and take the time to do some research to see what its worth.

So if you spent just a little bit more time to sell your car yourself and get an easy $300 to $1000 more for it - then why would you ever bother to trade in cars?

The reality is that the only way to avoid being fleeced by a used car dealer is to sell your car yourself. But if you must trade in cars, then at least see what its worth, clean it up...and make sure you they don't add a bunch of bogus fee's on to the price of your new car.


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