Family Friend Sold Me a Car with a Bad Transmission!

Carol from New York talks about how she felt she got taken advantage of when she bought a used car from a family friend...

"I bought a really good looking 1996 Ford Explorer from a used car saleman who got the car from an auction. After giving him the money I found out he was a friend of my son-in-law. A good friend. I knew then that I would not be sold a "bad" car. WRONG. As I drove it home I noticed it had a hard time moving in "drive". Felt like the tires were skidding. I took it back the next day and told them and they said those cars do that sometimes - no big deal. It also failed inspection due to bad tires and no bright lights. I bought new tires on the third day I owned the car so I could get it inspected. I went back again and they took it to a transmission place. Of course it needs a transmission which they want me to pay for. Remember now, thats within 24 hours after I bought the car I had it back there telling them I had a problem.... and this guy is my son-in-laws friend? I am a mom who had six children and never had a really great car. So now that the kids are grown I decided to buy myself a car and this is what I get? He probaly sells snake oil too. Be careful of your children's friends. I am not paying for a transmission and I am not done with him yet."

My response...
Its possible that the "friend" wasn't really aware of the condition of the vehicle. I would think that since there was that connection and that he would take extra care to make sure that the car he is selling you is a good one.
However, its quite possible that the numb nut that sold you the car knows absolutely NOTHING about cars and so doesn't know the difference between a minor yet slightly annoying quirk that doesn't matter or something that could cost you hundreds of dollars - like a freaking transmission! You have to know the difference between expensive sounds and non-expensive sounds, and if you don't, then you need to either educate yourself buy checking out my section on how to buy used cars, or enlist the help of people that will know. Having said that, I understand the bad taste left in your mouth when you feel like you've been ripped off by someone you thought you could trust. The bottom line is 'caveat emptor' when you are dealing with buying a new or used car. In case you don't know what that means: LET THE BUYER BEWARE! If you do then you won't experience a car dealer horror story.

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