How To Sell a Car For $300 to $1000 MORE Than You Thought Was Possible!

- Free 9 Part Guide On Selling Your Used Car -

This is the part of the site that shows you how to sell a car for $300 to $1000 MORE cash than what you thought possible...seriously!

Instead of trading your car in to the dealership for almost nothing (and having to deal with even more of the car lot shenanigans), you can use this simple easy guide to stuff a lot more cash in your pocket when you sell your old car...


Part 1: How to determine how much to sell your car for

Part 2: Cleaning your engine & engine compartment

Part 3: Make the exterior of your car look like new

Part 4: Make the interior of your car look like new

Part 5: How to write an effective Car For Sale ad

Part 6: Best ways to advertise your car for sale

Part 7: How to handle your used car paperwork

Part 8: Identifying real car buyers from fake buyers

Part 9: How to finalize your used car deal

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