Car Salespeople Fight Back!

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Angry car salesmen and angry used car saleswomen fight back by leaving their comments here about what readers are saying about them in the Car Dealer Horror Stories section of this website.

To be fair, we have decided to post all the car salespeople responses here because many of them are quite enlightening and I thought they should have a chance to give their side.

CAR SALES PEOPLE: Whether your response is angry or not, we want to present your side of the story, so please contact us and we will post your comment and/or rants on this site.

:: Angry car salesman says I am an "idiot"

:: Car salesman says I'm wrong about 0% car loans

:: Car salesman complains about bad-credit buyers

:: Car buyers are "clueless" says this car salesperson

:: This site is "wrong and outdated" says car salesman

:: Buyers must do their research says car salesman

:: All car salespeople are honest says car salesman

:: I hate "cheap" car buyers says car salesman

:: Beware of "evil car buyers" says this car salesman

:: Car lot finance director gives his opinion

:: An honest car salesman speaks up

:: We are not "scum-of-the-earth" says car salesman

:: Bad car salespeople screw it up for the rest of us

:: Car salesman tells me to "stop lying"

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