New Car Salesman Tells Me To Stop Lying!

A new car salesman named Lucas from Alberta, Canada wrote to tell me to stop lying...

"Hello. I work for a Nissan dealer in Canada. I would like to remark on a couple of the things that you have said. I would say that years ago a site like this is just what the consumer needs. Alot of people were very uninformed.I would like to ask you when the last time you purchased a new car or a used car from a reputable car dealer, and what kind of car you purchased and what the manufacturer dealer was. You just cant get away with the things you are saying anymore. Every customer that purchases a vehical from me knows exactually what is comming out of there pockets, weather it is a cash purchase lease or finance. The consumer is so informed these days it is a totally different way of selling. I am glad you are so informed of this. The second thing is that if the agreament that was first made is not the same as the final one comming from the business office, it would void the contract. PEOPLE LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING. those kind of old school sales people that you speek about jusat cant make a real living at this anymore with those kind of ways. In terms of peoples trades, who would not know that we can not give them what they can get for it on there own. Having said that, most people dont realize is that trading a vehical is tax deductable from the new vehical. DID U KNOW THAT???. Last but not least. THE LIES. PEOPLE the as a car dealer you just cant lie about anything, and anybody that does should be fired on the spot. On the other hand, the customer on the hole is terrible for lieing, do you think we havent heard it all. STOP LYING, in order to get a good deal, be freinds with your sales cunsultant, and pick a good one to boot. If a customer is rude to me and is lying, I will not go very far out of my way to really help him, would you??

there it is There are two sides to every story, it really comes down to if you dont trust your sales person, stop complaining about it and find one you trust, and when you do make sure you go to him for all of your car needs they will take care of you, I know I always do."

My response...
Since Lucas asked... The last time I purchased a new vehicle was three years ago. The process took longer than I would have liked it, but it all went very well because the sales person I dealt with was a totally honest guy and a straight shooter and I am assuming that the dealership overall was the same. However, it was only a few months before that I helped a friend buy a new car (at a totally different dealership) and the lies started on the phone BEFORE we ever even got to the dealership, do don't tell me that dishonest car sales people are a thing of the past man!

I'm not a lawyer or accountant and maybe its just a Canadian thing, but I've never heard that a trade-in was tax deductible. Perhaps if it was business related? As far as finding an honest sales person... Sure, that seems obvious, but the trouble is when the entire car dealership is full of crooks...and that is when its a challenge to avoid all these car dealer horror stories.

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