This Car Salesperson Says All Car Salespeople Are Honest 

A car salesman named Rich wrote to tell about how all car salespeople are honest...

"I must admit I find some of your "information" as humorous as it is outdated and worthless. As a veteran of 16 years in the car business, most of which were spent in sales management, I can tell you without reservation that there are plenty of honest and reputable car dealers and salespeople in this world.

You seem to be laboring under the misconception that auto dealers are not permitted to make a profit. I wonder how long you would survive if your employer did not earn a profit on their investment.

Certainly there are things to avoid and negotiation techniques that informed buyers should be aware of when buying or leasing from a dealer. However, your obvious attempt to portray anyone associated with an auto dealership as a heartless and greedy thief offends me. I wonder how many hours you have spent on a showroom floor trying to earn a living as I have for many years.

In all my time in this business I have never had to worry about meeting a customer away from the dealership and being embarrassed to do so. We are not all what this lame web site portrays us to be.

I will be watching this car dealer horror story series to see if you have the decency to print this comment."

My response...
I appreciate your input Rich. Just so you know....there are numerous references on my site about how not all car dealers are out to rip you off. You, it sounds like, are one of the good guys. As far as making a profit goes....I am a firm believer in the system of free enterprise. I'm a capitalist, but I don't believe in taking advantage of people to make my money and it sounds like you don't either. Great! My site wasn't written about guys like you, its just that I can't keep repeating myself over and over again all over my site about the good ones, besides, what would be the point in writing about the honest sales people because they aren't the ones to watch out for. Its like anything in life...when there is a preponderance of sleazebags in a field then it gives a bad name to the good ones.
As far as my info being "out dated"...I think that with the "good" salespeople that send me emails about how this stuff doesn't go on...well...I really think that perhaps they are either rookies and not aware yet of the stunts pulled by their co-workers, or they are fortuneate enough to have always worked at dealerships that don't screw their customers...and yes, at the risk of being redundant...they do exist!

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