They Started My Extended Car Warrany Too Soon!

Gina's Car Dealer Horror Story is about how the extended warranty she bought started the same day she bought her car...

"You need to add a 16th questionto ask dealers about extended car warranties, especially XXXXXX dealers. XXXXXX is telling me that the extended warranty I purchased with my new vehicle ran CONCURRENTLY with the original manufacturer's warranty. So, now that I need to trade in my car, the pro-ratable refund is so insignificant that I am $5,000 top heavy on a 0.0% interest note. All the websites I have examined say that extended warranties are to go into effect AFTER the manufacturer's warranty expires. XXXXXX is screwing people out of their money AND their warranties!"

My response...
Most extended car warranties start the day you buy the car. Perhaps that is so the extended warrany will cover items that are not covered by the manufacturers warranty? I took you up on your suggestion and added that question to the car warrany questions page. First of all; NEVER ever trade in your car! If you take the time to go over my section on how to sell your car then you can put hundreds or even thousands more in your pocket. I X'd out the name of the car manufacturer in her email because the point I would take from this is to ask the dealer EXACTLY when the manufacturers warranty ends and when the extended car warranty begins. The other point I want to make regarding this is that you really shouldn't be buying an extended car warranty from the car dealer anyway. Its too costly and you may be set up in a ridiculous situation like she experienced where she paid extra for overlapping coverage. Click here to read a lot more about getting an extended auto warranty.

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