How To Make Your Car Exterior Look Like New Before You Sell It

If you want to sell a car for top dollar then you need to clean your car exterior so it looks as new as possible.

Think its impossible to make your old car look like new?

Well, maybe making your old car look new is going to be tough, but I'm going to explain here how to at least make it look as new as it possibly can.

Okay, lets get started on this section on how to sell a car for more money....

  • The Body: Get all the bugs and road grime off and then wash the car thoroughly including the windows. Don't do any waxing yet if you think you might need to do some touch up painting.
  • Lights: Replace broken headlights or turn signals if needed.
  • Windshield Nicks and Cracks: If its just a little nick and its a cheap car, then I might not even bother fixing it. If you've got a major crack then get a new windshield. Call around though because prices can vary dramatically.
  • Wheels: If the wheels are just steel without any wheel covers, then I spray the wheels with exterior silver paint.
  • Tires: Fill the tires to the proper psi as shown on the tire sidewall. Auto parts store have different cleaning products that you can spray on the tires to make them look black and shiny. If your tires are super worn out and you feel that the cost of new tires will result in a faster sale of the car and bring more money then you should consider replacing the tires.
  • Scratches and Rust Spots: Touch up with matching paint. I use a Cu-Tip for little stuff that I dip into the paint and then just throw it away when I'm done.
  • Plastic Exterior Trim and Bumpers: Apply something like Armorall after your used car has been washed.

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