Slash Your Auto Insurance Rates 17 Easy Ways!

Here are 17 ways to start slashing your auto insurance rates today!

The first step is to shop around for multiple car insurance quotes.

I realize how obvious that may seem but you would be surprised to find out how few people actually do shop for quotes because they think its too much hassle or they think that they won't get reimbursed for the time they still have left on their existing car insurance policy. And by the way; both of those assumptions are wrong.

So here are 17 more ways to slash your car insurance...

1) If you have a teenager that lives at home with you, then restrict their usage of your car so they are considered to be an "occasional driver" by your car insurance company.

2) If you're under 25 then get your parents to put you on their auto insurance policy.

3) Shop around and get multiple FREE ONLINE auto insurance quotes. The more auto insurance quotes you get, the better your chance of saving money! Even if you're paid up for the next year, you can cancel your old auto insurance policy and your balance will be pro-rated and returned to you. Of course you only want to do that AFTER you've replaced it with something better and less expensive!

4) If you have a business and a teenage driver...have your teenager drive the company car. Check with your insurance company, but most don't charge more for teenage drivers.

5) If you own a house in the country, then by all means register your car(s) for that location, even if its a vacation house.

6) Increase your deductible to the highest amounts. Raising your deductible from $50.00 to $500.00 could save you hundreds of dollars per year.

7) If you've got a car thats only worth $3000 (plus or minus) then some insurance companies will cover you for that amount if your car is totaled without you having to spend a lot more money on collision coverage.

8) Certain types of cars can cost you more money because of the assumption that with a sports car, for example, you will drive over the speed limit. You wouldn't do that, now would you? Cars with more powerful motors can cost more too.

9) Travel to and from work or business can raise your auto insurance rates. If you don't use your car for those things then make sure your car insurance company factors that when giving you a quote.

10) Statistics show that certain cars and trucks are more apt to be stolen. This can raise your car insurance rates. You might consider that the next time you buy a car.

11) Duplicate things like car rental expense coverage, emergency towing and medical coverage thats already covered by your medical insurance can be eliminated.

12) Some insurance companies offer discounts if you have airbags.

13) If you don't drive that much each year then make sure your insurance company knows this. Many companies have reduced rates if you only put ten to fifteen thousand miles a year on your car.

14) If you rent a car, check first to see if you're already covered by your auto insurance company before you blow ten or twenty dollars a day for the extra car insurance provided by the rental company.

15) If you have a business then check to see if you can deduct the cost of your auto insurance.

16) Car insurance companies often have discounts for: alarm systems - good driving records - senior citizens, students with a high G.P.A. - non smokers - non drinkers - multiple vehicles under one policy - having all your insurance with the same company (car, home, life insurance, boat, etc.) and using a car for pleasure use only.

17) Car insurance rates can vary tremendously from one company to another. Get multiple free online car insurance quotes to get the best rates.


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